Rimage Printhead Maintenance Tips




Has the image you’re printing on a CD or DVD become inconsistent? Are the edges becoming faded looking? Do you have lines printing through the disc artwork? If so, it could be that the printhead on your printer needs to be cleaned.

Why It’s Time to Upgrade from Windows 7




We’re in the modern age of technology, and with this, comes time to reinvent our computer hardware. With every window's upgrade there are driver updates to disc publishing systems to work with that version. But if you are still using Window's 7, those updates are no more.

Rimage Announces the All-New Maestro USB Publishing System



Announcing the all-new Maestro, digital content automation you don’t want to miss.  An automated system for fully automated recording and printing onto USB drives.  Both Thumb Drives and Pocket Drives.

Rimage Systems Work for Your Business



If your business requires on-demand and high-quality disc creation, Rimage offers a solution that fits your needs.  With industry-leading components and design, coupled with user-friendly and automatic software support, Rimage systems can solve whatever disc publishing problem you’re facing.

Don’t stress about damaged discs and data loss - Rely on Rimage


When tasked with reading patient provided discs or pulling CDs out of storage, there is always a data quality risk.  Although highly secure, physical media like CDs and DVDs aren’t a perfect solution.  Discs can become damaged and scratched, especially as they move from one location to another.

Navigating Rimage the Easy Way



To help you get to know how to navigate and use Rimage to its full potential, let’s explore the Rimage Catalyst printer.  Although this system doesn’t offer the high-volume production capacity of the newer Producer V, it is a disc workhorse in its own right.

Using Perennity and Rimage to streamline patient image retrieval and dissemination

When your workflow needs rapid access to Perennity DICOM images and efficient export to digital media, Rimage is the perfect solution.  While the Perennity DICOM image system can provide multiple providers access to patient imaging files, it remains necessary to export images to CD/DVD/Blu-Ray – a solution easily managed by the powerful Rimage production robots.

The Benefits Of Recordable Media



Recordable media are those products onto which content can be recorded to play back later. CD-Rs and DVD- Rs are some of the popular examples of recordable media. This article brings out the benefits of such products.

Taiyo Yuden - JVC- CMC Pro Recordable Media



In 2015, JVC/Taiyo Yuden made the announcement that they will be stopping production of all optical media products effective at the end of that year, and will completely withdraw from the recordable media market.

Keeping Your Ink Cartridges Safe



Not too many people realise it but the ink cartridges of your printer require as much care as the printer itself. In some variety of color printers, the cost of cartridges is very high while the printer itself is quite affordable. Hence, keeping ink cartridges safe becomes imperative.

Evolution of Color Printers



The history of printers goes back to 1938 when the first variety of it was introduced. This was the process of dry printing called electrophotography which over the years has come to be called a Xerox.

Rimage Printer Ribbons at a Glance



Over the years, Rimage Corporation has released many ribbons, including numbers such as 2002160, 2002161, 2001469, 203638-001, 203640-001, 203474-001, 2002364, and nearly countless others.

Differences between USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and USB-C



The challenge of connecting an increasingly diverse range of peripheral devices to personal computers of different architectures and relying on different operating systems is a complex one

Game Changer: Was it the Right Decision to Discontinue Floppy Disk?



The question of whether it was the right decision to discontinue the Floppy Disk in favor of the CD, DVD, USB and cloud computing is akin to asking whether it was the right decision to kill the typewriter in favor of the PC? The floppy rose and fell in the same way that technologies before it did.

15 Ways Why Flash Drive is a Better Recordable Media Device than Blu-Ray


Flash drives (also known as memory stick, pen drive and thumb drive) have come a long way since their announcement in September 2000 by IBM and development of the first thumb drive by Phison CEO and co-founder Pua Khein-Seng. They have nearly replaced Blu Ray optical disks for data storage purposes.

Merge functionality takes disc labels to the next level




One of the main differences between duplication and publication of optical media is the personalization factor of each unique disc. With a Rimage system, publishing optical media isn’t just for the data recorded to the disc, it also applies to the label itself.

Updating Rimage Software and Operating System Support



If there is one thing that’s consistent in the realm of software, it’s that it’s always changing. New software features are constantly added all the time and new operating systems are released nearly as often. This is also true for the Rimage Software Suite. Knowing if you should update, how it benefits you, and what to consider are all important parts of owning a Rimage system.

Rimage Verify Ensures Success



Rimage systems use state of the art, modern technology to produce optical discs that are 100% accurate and usable. But what if the content is mission critical and there won’t be a second chance if the data is not readable?

Serviceable Parts for End User Systems



It would be great if everything we used simply always worked and never required maintenance. However, as we know, cars need oil changes, lawn mowers require blade sharpening, and furnaces need filters replaced. Rimage systems also need maintenance

Color Optimization with Your Rimage System


Whether you use a Rimage Everest printer or a Rimage inkjet system, there is a rich variety of color that your printer can create. Though, if you have ever tried to match a very specific color or have gotten a surprising result when trying to print a certain label, you may wonder what you steps you should take to get the desired finished product.

Rimage System Networking



Most people work with the Rimage system through the use of a keyboard and mouse connected directly to an embedded Rimage system, or to the computer that is connected to a non-embedded Rimage system. However, there is another way

Rimage System Security



Everyday, it seems as if there’s reports about a new virus, computer break-in, or data theft making headlines. Rimage systems require a computer running Windows to operate, and are designed to take advantage of being networked.

Mixed Environments with Rimage®



When one system simply isn’t enough, adding additional Rimage systems to a production environment is a great way to increase capacity and flexibility. While it’s always ideal to add systems of the same model type and software version, this isn’t always possible.

The SDK toolbox unleashes the power of your Rimage® system



Rimage offers countless out-of-the-box tools to immediately start making high quality discs, but even greater functionality is possible through the use of the Rimage Software Development Kit (SDK).

Understanding Software Tools from Rimage® - Back to Basics


The Rimage Software Suite (RSS) is a full suite of applications, each possessing an important function. Knowing what each tool does helps develop an understanding of the Rimage system. There are three main software tools that operators commonly use, and three software tools that operate behind the scenes.

Order Archive Manager™ from Rimage®



Whether you want to track usage by department for billing purposes, review an audit trail of who has recorded what files, or simply search and retrieve archived data, Order Archive Manager provides new tools to make your life easier!

Read In Content from Discs with Rimage®


What if you created a backup of important data from a hard drive, then later had the dreaded hard drive failure? You probably wouldn’t want to manually copy data from each disc onto the replacement hard drive individually. Instead, you can use Rimage Bulk Read to automate the process, and extract the actual files and folders from the disc instead of a disc image.

Keep Your Data Secure with Rimage Encryption Options



Often, it seems as if you can’t read a news article or view a news report without learning about another security breach resulting in consumer data being stolen. Now, more than ever, protecting data is vital to businesses and consumers. Did you know your Rimage system has several different options to encrypt the content that is being recorded?

Web Clients’ Ease of Access to Your Rimage® System Provide Anytime, Anywhere Convenience



The Rimage Software Suite has evolved and improved over the course of many years. While new features are often specific to workflow, some changes may offer customers more options

With Rimage®, Disc Spanning is Possible.



You may know that your Rimage Disc Publishing System can create and duplicate CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray™ optical media. However, did you know that you can also span discs?

Feel Secure with the Tab-Keeping System Watch for Your Rimage System




With the release of Rimage Software Suite 9.0, Rimage has introduced System Watch™, a new tool that allows the Rimage system to actively alert you. This ensures that you have immediate access to the Rimage system status, without having to periodically open one of the management tools.

The Benefits of a Rimage Service Plan



Even the most reliable equipment requires maintenance and periodic adjustment and repair. Anticipating and preparing for that possibility is easy when you rely on Rimage Service. Like their systems, Rimage Service offerings are designed to meet the level of service you need — from quick solutions over the telephone to overnight delivery of replacement parts or systems

Factors to Consider in Choosing Between DVD’s and Blu-rays



It’s difficult for a layperson to make sense of the increasingly diverse data storage options and to choose the right one in a crowded ecosystem. Hard drives, Solid state drives (SSD), CD’s, DVD’s, Blu-ray discs and now cloud computing have all presented themselves as the ultimate data storage solution at one time or the other.

Media Quality Matters - Not all media is created equal



Media is made with different recordable dyes, in different manufacturing facilities, and with different specifications. This results in media with changing levels of quality, which is important to understand when trying to navigate options available on the current market.

How a Rimage System has been helping with the Financial Industry



Banks and financial institutions around the world rely on a Rimage system to manage large amounts of secure data easily and efficiently. Whether distributing financial data to your business customers, submitting records to meet compliance regulations, or saving important data for long-term retention, Rimage disc publishing systems will handle it all easily.

Tech Insights- The Next Gen Blu-ray Disc can store up to 1 TB



The demand for long-term, reliable data storage capabilities has increased recently from sectors such as cloud data server centers and the movie entertainment industry.

How to Manage your CD's, DVD’s and Blu-rays to Prevent Damage and Data Loss?



Everyone has their pile of favorite, important and forgettable CD’s, DVD’s and Blu-rays accumulated over the years. These optical storage technologies offer the promise of cheap and relatively reliable long-term storage of data but are also vulnerable to data loss and physical damage.

Recordable Media and it's Many Applications




In a world full of Clouds, offloading apps and media, as well as a fast-paced generation whose times move far too quickly to appreciate content for long, it may seem that recordable media  (such as CD’s and DVD’s, USB drives, and hard drives) is no longer a necessity.

The Evolution of Recordable Media



Technology keeps improving with time and recordable media devices are no exception. In the last three decades we have seen the quality and the quantity of recordable media devices reach new and previously unimaginable heights. Starting with the floppy disk and moving on to flash drives has been an interesting journey for recordable media technology. Let’s go through this journey and see how the evolution of this technology has affected us.

Rimage Case Studies, How a Rimage System Assists in the Judicial System



The San Bernardino California Sheriff’s Department High-Tech Crime Detail has supported law enforcement agencies throughout San Bernardino County (Calif.) by providing computer forensic services. Any electronic device or storage medium containing data, audio, or video associated with a criminal case is sent to the Department’s lab for forensic examination

The Benefits of Using Recordable Media Instead of the Cloud?






Why would you choose to save or back up your data to a cloud instead of a Disc or Drive? Do you like the simplicity of accessing it everywhere? Do you think it’s cheaper? Yes, it’s convenient, but if you are uploading large volume, it certainly can be costly.

Rimage Everest I, II & III Ribbons to be Discontinued




Rimage has announced that they’ll be discontinuing production of their Everest Printer Ribbon used in the I, II and III Series printers as of September 1, 2018.  Rimage’s typical practice is to provide consumables support for a minimum of five years after purchase

The Difference Between CD-R and CDROM



For years people have never understood the difference between a CD-R and a CDROM. The same goes for DVD-R or DVD-ROM. The short explanation is: In CD-R, the -R means recordable. This means you take an actual disc and put it into a recordable disc drive and you copy data to this disc in a “Write Once” method.  In CDROM, the ROM means “Read Only Memory.” What does that mean? Check this out, it’s really pretty amazing.

Rimage Thermal CD/DVD/BD Disc Printers



Rimage Corporation, the global leader in on-demand digital publishing, has been manufacturing thermal optical media disc printers since 1995. It all started out with the Perfect Image Monochrome thermal printer, a silk screen quality printer that used a black thermal print ribbon.

Rimage Announces a New Generation in their Producer Series Product Line: Producer V




December 11, 2017 Rimage Corporation of Minneapolis Minnesota announced the latest product in the Producer Series Publishing Systems. A global leader in optical media publishing, Rimage’s Producer V series is the most powerful line of disc publishing, engineered for 24x7 performance.

Rimage Case Studes: Uses of a Rimage System in the Medical Market



Have you noticed now when you go to a Dr’s appointment, they are making notes on a computer or tablet instead of writing it all in your paper chart? Have you seen how the physician can just digitally send prescriptions to your pharmacy with a few clicks of the mouse? If you have ever needed to see a specialist, within the same network as your provider, have you noticed...

Microboards Technology: Disc Copier Towers




Since 1989, Microboards Technology has been a fast-growing company that grew right beside the CD-R that originally launched in 1988 by Phillips and Sony. Offering a full line of automated disc publishers ranging from recordable discs to USB Flash Drive tower duplicators.

Primera Technology: Inkjet Printable Disc and Label Publishers





Primera’s ever popular Bravo series has been helping small companies and organizations such as schools, ministries, musicians, software developers… manufacture their own product for a few decades. Check out this user-friendly disc printing technology.

Rimage Disc Publishing Systems: The Catalyst Series




Launched in 2017, the most recent product in the Rimage line of disc publishing systems is the Catalyst. It is ideal for customers with medium-volume requirements and has the perfect hybrid of the rugged durability of Producer Series system, with the features of a Professional Series system.