Rimage Thermal CD/DVD/BD Disc Printers

Rimage Thermal CD/DVD/BD Disc Printers

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Rimage Corporation, the global leader in on-demand digital publishing, has been manufacturing thermal optical media disc printers since 1995.

It all started out with the Perfect Image Monochrome thermal printer, a silk screen quality printer that used a black thermal print ribbon.


Then in 1999 the Prism printer came aboard and was essentially an upgrade to the Perfect Image printer, but allowed CMY spot color printing. The latest printer is the Prism III that was launched in 2012 and is still a top seller as of today! These printers are available in an AutoPrinter version thatallows volume discs to be printed “on the fly















In 2001 Launched the 1st Everest Printer, a thermal retransfer printer, which allowed a more versatile color print design at a much higher resolution.

Thermal retransfer disc printing is a two-stage process, and each stage is optimized for high quality and durability.

The print portion is simple - the image is printed to the retransfer ribbon. The second stage - the retransfer stage - use an exact amount of heat and pressure to fuse the ink to the disc. Each step in the thermal retransfer printing process does its specific job to perfection.

The latest thermal retransfer printer that launched in December 2017 is the Everest Encore! A thermal retransfer print technology that delivers durable CD / DVD /Blu-ray Disc labeling, with the highest print resolution in the industry.


  • Permanent printing ensures discs are scratch proof, waterproof, fade resistant and UV protected.
  • 600 dpi resolution delivers photo quality images.
  • Edge-to-edge printing fully utilizes the media surface.
  • Intelligent system keeps track of the remaining print ribbons and communicates the information throughout the printing process.
  • Removable retransfer and print ribbon carriages for convenience

This video show's how the "Retransfer" feature works!


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