Rimage Everest I, II & III Ribbons to be Discontinued


Rimage has announced that they’ll be discontinuing production of their Everest Printer Ribbon used in the I, II and III Series printers as of September 1, 2018.  Rimage’s typical practice is to provide consumables support for a minimum of five years after purchase

The Difference Between CD-R and CDROM



For years people have never understood the difference between a CD-R and a CDROM. The same goes for DVD-R or DVD-ROM. The short explanation is: In CD-R, the -R means recordable. This means you take an actual disc and put it into a recordable disc drive and you copy data to this disc in a “Write Once” method.  In CDROM, the ROM means “Read Only Memory.” What does that mean? Check this out, it’s really pretty amazing.

Rimage Thermal CD/DVD/BD Disc Printers



Rimage Corporation, the global leader in on-demand digital publishing, has been manufacturing thermal optical media disc printers since 1995. It all started out with the Perfect Image Monochrome thermal printer, a silk screen quality printer that used a black thermal print ribbon.

Rimage Announces a New Generation in their Producer Series Product Line: Producer V




December 11, 2017 Rimage Corporation of Minneapolis Minnesota announced the latest product in the Producer Series Publishing Systems. A global leader in optical media publishing, Rimage’s Producer V series is the most powerful line of disc publishing, engineered for 24x7 performance.

Rimage Case Studes: Uses of a Rimage System in the Medical Market


Have you noticed now when you go to a Dr’s appointment, they are making notes on a computer or tablet instead of writing it all in your paper chart? Have you seen how the physician can just digitally send prescriptions to your pharmacy with a few clicks of the mouse? If you have ever needed to see a specialist, within the same network as your provider, have you noticed...

Microboards Technology: Disc Copier Towers




Since 1989, Microboards Technology has been a fast-growing company that grew right beside the CD-R that originally launched in 1988 by Phillips and Sony. Offering a full line of automated disc publishers ranging from recordable discs to USB Flash Drive tower duplicators.

Primera Technology: Inkjet Printable Disc and Label Publishers




Primera’s ever popular Bravo series has been helping small companies and organizations such as schools, ministries, musicians, software developers… manufacture their own product for a few decades. Check out this user-friendly disc printing technology.

Rimage Disc Publishing Systems: The Catalyst Series



Launched in 2017, the most recent product in the Rimage line of disc publishing systems is the Catalyst. It is ideal for customers with medium-volume requirements and has the perfect hybrid of the rugged durability of Producer Series system, with the features of a Professional Series system.