Rimage Printhead Maintenance Tips

Has the image you’re printing on a CD or DVD become inconsistent? Are the edges becoming faded looking? Do you have lines printing through the disc artwork?


If so, it could be that the printhead on your printer needs to be cleaned.


Each printer has a printhead, and regularly maintaining it can increase its longevity.


In most paper and photo printing inkjet printers, the printhead is inside the ink cartridge. Cleaning the printhead of an inkjet printer is usually in the software settings or as an option on the LCD screen. Your printer instructions should include these steps.


However, for the Rimage thermal printers, it’s essential to perform a preventative maintenance printhead cleaning from time to time. Depending on the environment, it’s recommended you clean your printhead whenever you replace a ribbon or at least after every 2-3 print ribbon changes.


How do you clean a printhead?



Rimage has created some helpful videos that take you through the cleaning process – from gathering your supplies to closing your machine.


Before you start the cleaning process, you first need to remove the ribbon from the printer. Follow the instructions in this video:



For the Prism Printer, a Printhead Cleaning kit is available and is easy to use. All you need is a Disc, 99% Isopropyl Alcohol, cotton swabs, and a cleaning pad.



Cleaning your Everest Printer Printheads & Tacky Rollers


The printhead maintenance on the Everest printers is a 2-part process. In addition to the printhead, there are also “Tacky Rollers.” For each printer model, there are specific instructions on how to maintain the printhead.


Do you have an Everest 400? Instructions for this model printer are included in this video:



Have an Everest 600? Check out this video!



Do you have the latest and greatest, Everest Encore? If not, what are you waiting for? Its print quality surpasses it’s sibling Everest printers with vibrant, crisp, and clean images!


To clean the printhead on the Everest Encore, you need some 99% Isopropyl and the long sponge swabs found in the Everest printhead cleaning kit. The instructions are the same as the Everest 600


Here’s the “how-to” on cleaning the tacky roller of most Everest printers.



It’s very important to keep your printheads healthy as replacing them can be costly. So don’t let it go until tomorrow


As always, do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, we’re here to help!


Thanks for reading!