Why It’s Time to Upgrade from Windows 7

We’re in the modern age of technology, and with this, comes time to reinvent our computer hardware. With every window's upgrade there are driver updates to disc publishing systems to work with that version. But if you are still using Window's 7, those updates are no more.


Reason #1: Security


With Windows 7 being left behind by the Microsoft team (more about that in Reason #2), this will leave a lot of “loopholes” in the system’s functions, making it essentially unstable and unsafe to use. It’s vital to not use old classes of operating systems, as they’re more prone to bugs, glitches, and general issues that may make their use inefficient or unenjoyable.


Reason #2: Windows 7 End of Life was on January 14th, 2020


“End of Life” means that Microsoft will no longer be issuing tech support, bug fixes, and glitch-control to Windows 7. Suffice to say, Microsoft knows it’s time to let the past go and focus on the modern version(s) of their operating system. Au Revoir, Windows 7!



Reason #3: Windows 10’s cost is Reasonable


You’ll want to make sure your current devices meet the hardware requirements (more about considering new hardware will be mentioned below), but many users have found using the Windows Media Creation Tool allows them to acquire Windows 10 for a reasonable price. With the improvement of your shiny new Windows system, it may be time to upgrade your hardware, too. Rimage offers some of the best - the Allegro (inkjet-based), the Catalyst 6000 family and Producer V 8300 family. When upgrading Windows 7, it’s important to keep in mind that older Rimage or Primera hardware may not be supported with the newest versions of Windows.

However, there are many trade-in options available to you, and one way to find out more about these options is to contact us. Don’t wait until hardware stops working to find a great upgrade! What better time for a new device than in the New Year, after all?


Thanks for reading!