The Benefits Of Recordable Media

The Benefits Of Recordable Media

Recordable media are those products onto which content can be recorded to play back later. CD-Rs and DVD- Rs are some of the popular examples of recordable media.

This article brings out the benefits of such products.


Offline; Security and Privacy


Recordable media is offline. You have a better control over your data and what's more! You can even access it whenever you want to! CD-Rs and DVD-Rs are external devices that can be effortlessly used to view or listen to your content regardless of the status of the internet connection. This is in sharp contrast to cloud storage where you need a stable internet connection to access the content.

There is more privacy and security of data when you opt for external media. Recordable media rules over cloud when it comes to security and privacy as well. There is no threat of hacking or doubts over physical storage of data. You know where it is and how to access with your own password.


Storage Capacity


DVD-Rs and CD-Rs come with huge storage capacity. If you have lots of content such as movies or music to be downloaded/recorded, recordable media is the right choice. Download your favorite content and view/play as many times as you want. DVD-Rs generally come with over 4.7 gigabytes capacity.


Compatible and Inexpensive


Recordable media such as DVD-Rs are very compatible. They can be read by portable DVDs, Computer DVD drives and home DVD players. They are also very inexpensive considering their storage capacity. So you will require fewer discs to record your content. Doesn't it sound good? You pay less, play it on any device yet have total control!


Effortless backup


Several hard drives come with software capable of performing scheduled backup. However you also have complete control and can take backup of the files you want to. The process is simple; just a single or a few clicks would do the job. This feature particularly helps if you have important data that needs to be secured.


Data recorded on recordable media cannot be easily erased. Moreover CD-R is also not strictly 'Write Once'. It is possible to write multiple sessions onto various areas of the disc as long as it’s rewritable. But even those have limits to writing over once or twice.


Technology is very dynamic and keeps changing by the day. However recordable media has been able to stand strong and proven to be the safest for recording and storing data especially for content of high value.


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