Navigating Rimage the Easy Way


In 2016, Rimage introduced the Rimage Catalyst disc printer.  This medium volume disc publishing system has proven to be the ideal fit for a wide range of businesses. 


To help you get to know how to navigate and use Rimage to its full potential, let’s explore the Rimage Catalyst printer.  Although this system doesn’t offer the high-volume production capacity of the newer Producer V, it is a disc workhorse in its own right.


The key features of the Catalyst you should know more about are listed below.  You can also review a video demo of Catalyst in operation or watch below



Disc Capacity


In the three pre-production carousels, Catalyst can hold up to 150 discs, making it less likely you’ll run out in the middle of high-volume disc run. The output bin can hold up to 50 printed discs, giving you time to remove discs during production.


Display and Status Light


Catalyst offers an LCD that gives you real-time information about the system.  Get an update on the number of discs in the input bins, the life of the ribbon, and the overall system itself.


Catalyst also comes with an Integrated DiscWatch™ Status Light that visually alerts you as to when each disc is being printed and when it’s finished.


USB Access


To make Catalyst even more convenient to use, it comes with a 3.0 USB port.  Simply insert your flash drive and send content directly into disc production.


Filtered Air Flow


Regardless of where you position your machine, you don’t want air quality issues interfering with your disc creation.  Catalyst comes equipped with a positive air flow filter system that keeps your machine running more efficiently and cooler, regardless of the external conditions.


Automated Production


Using industrial grade robotics, Catalyst is designed to seamlessly and efficiently move discs from writing to printing and completion.  The entire system is fully automated and allows for simultaneous writing and printing to keep discs moving through the system.


High-Quality Thermal Prints


Using a thermal printer for the external disc label, Catalyst offers a rapid 5-second print speed.  Ideal for mono-color printing, Catalyst outputs dry finished discs so they can be quickly sent to their end destination. 


Secure Access


Catalyst also comes with a locking external access door allowing you to control access to the inner components of the system. 


Rimage Software Suite


Like all Rimage systems, Catalyst comes with the powerful Rimage Software Suite.  This user-friendly package allows disc creation and label printing with an easy three-step process.  The software allows for fully automated on-demand disc creation.



When considering the features of the Rimage printers, Catalyst can be a perfectly sized solution for your business’ optical media creation needs.  


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