Don’t stress about damaged discs and data loss - Rely on Rimage

Don’t stress about damaged discs and data loss  - Rely on Rimage

When tasked with reading patient provided discs or pulling CDs out of storage, there is always a data quality risk.  Although highly secure, physical media like CDs and DVDs aren’t a perfect solution.  Discs can become damaged and scratched, especially as they move from one location to another.


While some tips can help you store discs safely, it’s important to know how your Rimage system works to prevent disc damage and read scratched discs.


Choosing the right disc


The first step to ensuring your data is safe and protected on any optical media is to choose the right disc.  There are a lot of options out there when selecting optical discs.  But all of these options aren’t equal in quality. 


For a great balance between price and performance, it’s hard to go wrong with the CMC Pro discs, powered by Taiyo Yuden.  CMC Pro discs provide long-lasting, high integrity data retention regardless of which system you’re using for disc publishing.  CMC creates discs for thermal or inkjet printing, as well as scratch and water-resistant media choices.  CMC Pro CDs are designed to last for 50 years under controlled conditions, while DVR discs last for 100 years.


Rimage also offers media kits that include both printing ribbons for each Rimage system as well as discs.


Each Rimage disc is constructed using high-quality ink and reflective layers, ensuring long-lasting and high integrity image and data storage.


No matter which media kit you choose, you can be assured that your Rimage discs are smudge proof, scratch proof, and fade proof for their life span.  Generally, Blu-Ray and CDs come with a 100-year guarantee of data integrity while DVDs are protected for up to 30 years.


Every Rimage disc is carefully tested and checked before it is shipped, giving you peace of mind that each disc is safe and effective for whatever its use.


How Rimage handles damaged discs


When printed, Rimage discs are automatically checked for defects using verification built into the Rimage Verify software.  If Rimage encounters a disc that’s damaged, any of the thermal Rimage printers will mark it with zebra striping so both you and the machine can tell the disc is defective.


How to store discs safely


To maintain the quality of the data on any disc, you should take some precautions.  If your disc is exposed to damaging conditions, it can void the warranty and drastically reduce the life of the data on your disc.


Discs should be kept safe from:

  • Direct sunlight and UV light
  • Extreme heat or cold
  • High humidity
  • Conditions that might scratch the disc surface


With care, your Rimage recorded discs are designed to deliver high-quality data storage – no matter what you need to protect.  With care, you should have reliable access to the information you need, exactly when you want it.