Rimage Printer Ribbons at a Glance

Rimage Printer Ribbons at a Glance


Over the years, Rimage Corporation has released many ribbons, including numbers such as 2002160, 2002161, 2001469, 203638-001, 203640-001, 203474-001, 2002364, and nearly countless others.


There are so many options that you may have no idea where to begin, and might need help figuring out which ribbon corresponds with each printer.We are happy to break it down for you to provide a bit more insight. As always, you are more than welcome contact us to confirm numbers and printer correlations, as well.


Let’s start at the beginning:


The Rimage Prism Printer


This printer is one of the original thermal disc printers on the market. When the Rimage Prism Printer first launched, it was called the Perfect Image Thermal Printer and used monochrome black ribbon 201737-006 at the time. It was then followed up with Blue Ribbon p/n 203217-001, Red Ribbons p/n 202082-002, and even had a black/red 2 panel ribbon part number 202861-001.


When this printer was upgraded to use a color ribbon, the original ribbon was part number 202506-001. However, just a few years later, the ribbon part number changed to 2002365.


The newest and latest ones are:

  • 2002364 – Monochrome Black
  • 2002365 – CMY Color
  • 2002366 – Monochrome Red
  • 2002367 – Monochrome Blue

The next printer that came from Rimage Corporation was:


The Everest Printer Series I , II and III


The Ribbon part numbers for this system originally were:

  • 203384-001 – Transfer Ribbon
  • 203638-001 - CMY Ribbon
  • 203640-001 – Monochrome Black

Then later became:

  • 203474-001 – Transfer Ribbon

The Black and CMY Ribbons remained the same.




These ribbons were discontinued as of 2018; limited quantities are available for a very short time and then they will be gone, as well.

We explained this in the blog dated 07/11/2018.


If you have one of these systems and are not sure what to do next, please contact our sales department for more information.


The Next Printers: the Everest 400 and 600


The original ribbons for these printers were:

  • 2001480 - CMY Color
  • 2001481 - Monochrome Black
  • 200487 - CMY Color
  • 200490 - Monochrome Black
  • 200491 - Transfer Ribbons

The current ribbons are:

  • 2001469 – Transfer Ribbon
  • 2002160 – Monochrome Black
  • 2002161 – CMY Color

Rimage also discontinued these printers as well in 2018


 This brings us to the latest generation in Rimage Everest printers:


The Everest Encore



The Rimage Everest Encore thermal retransfer printer technology permanently fuses full-color artwork and text to the disc, for the most durable discs and highest thermal print resolution in the industry.


The newest generations of Everest Ribbons are:

  • 2003656 – CMY Color
  • 2003655 – Monochrome Black
  • 2001469 – Transfer Ribbon that is the same as the E400 and E600


This article should give you more of an idea of what to look for with Rimage Printer Ribbons, especially if you have old ribbons and aren’t quite sure which is which. We hope this helps!