Rimage Everest I, II & III Ribbons to be Discontinued

Rimage Everest I, II & III Ribbons to be Discontinued



Rimage has announced that they’ll be discontinuing production of their Everest Printer Ribbon used in the I, II and III Series printers as of September 1, 2018.  Rimage’s typical practice is to provide consumables support for a minimum of five years after purchase.  Rimage is now in their eighth year of Everest III ribbon support. Obviously, Rimage (and Data Direct) would be ecstatic if all Everest I, II or III users would upgrade to the new Everest Encore Printer but this may not be immediately possible in all cases.


The Rimage ribbon part numbers affected by this are:


203474-001 – Thermal Retransfer Ribbon

203638-001 – Thermal Retransfer CMY Color Ribbon

203639-001 - Thermal Retransfer CMY-W Color Ribbon

203640-001 - Thermal Retransfer Black Ribbon


The Rimage Everest® III Printer was sold between 2006 and 2010, when it was replaced by the upgraded Everest 600 printer. As is their practice, Rimage supports all products for a minimum of five years. In the case of Everest III, Rimage continued to provide service until 2016 when Everest III reached End of Service. Since that time, Rimage has continued to support the Everest III and provide best effort repairs on a time and materials basis.


To minimize the pain, Data Direct will attempt to “stock up” on these ribbons however matching supply and demand after September 1st will be challenging.  Over the next six weeks, please consider purchasing a supply of the Everest I, II & III ribbons which will carry you through the remaining life cycle of your Everest I, II or III printer.



Please let us know If you’d like to start an upgrade and/or a trade-in conversation.  We're here to help.



Any questions at all please do not hesitate to call us at 800-870-DATA (3282) or email to: info@datadirectinc.com