Rimage Systems Work for Your Business


If your business requires on-demand and high-quality disc creation, Rimage offers a solution that fits your needs.  With industry-leading components and design, coupled with user-friendly and automatic software support, Rimage systems can solve whatever disc publishing problem you’re facing.


What is a Rimage system?


Rimage systems are on-demand optical media solutions that produce a high-quality CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray discs.  Complete with both color and monochrome labels, Rimage is your one-stop shop for disc creation, regardless of which industry you’re in.


Rimage systems can not only create short-term and archival quality discs, but the system can read high volumes of discs, either storing the data for disc copying or transferring data to other systems.    


Whether you need a high-volume solution for medical images, flexible transfer of evidence for law enforcement, or you’re a photo retailer sharing content discs with consumers, Rimage systems offer a one-stop shop for disc creation.


Which Rimage system is right for my business?


Regardless of whether your business requires 24/7 high-demand optical media solutions or a desktop printing option for occasional use, Rimage has a system that will work for your needs.


For high volume disc creation, the Producer V Series is designed with industrial-grade robotics, direct-to-disc printing, and professional recording technologies.


The Catalyst Series offers the durability of the Producer Series with the features of the lower volume Professional system.  You get the same rugged design to withstand intense environmental conditions in a medium volume disc creation solution.


Rimage also offers three desktop disc printers that are the ideal solution for a small clinic or office – the Allegro Series, Rimage Prism and Rimage Everest.


Allegro is equipped with either a 20- or 100-disc capacity and inkjet printing.  CD and DVD printing comes standard, but Blu-Ray disc recording is an upgradable option.


Rimage Prism is a monochrome or three-panel cover thermal printer that offers rapid print times and dry discs upon completion.  Prism is one of the lowest cost-per-print systems you can find.


Rimage Everest is a thermal retransfer printer that prints labels in color or monochrome black.  Everest prints images in high-resolution photo-quality clarity.



Should my business invest in Rimage?


If your business needs reliable disc creation, there is a Rimage system right for you.  Not only do Rimage systems offer direct-to-disc publishing options, but they are designed to be user-friendly no matter your level of experience.


Beyond ease-of-use, Rimage discs are designed to meet regulatory or other needs – offering worry-free storage of critical data and images.


If selecting Rimage media kits – a package of Rimage ribbons and discs – you can be confident that each Rimage disc is carefully checked before shipping, ensuring rare disc failure upon writing.  Rimage Verify, designed to work with your Rimage system, also carefully check discs for error before printing is finalized so you can be sure each printed disc will be error-free for the end user.


Alternatively, you can choose other discs to work with your Rimage system – for example, CMC Pro discs are not only compatible, but they offer error-free long-term storage and archival solutions that work seamlessly with your Rimage system.


If your business needs reliable disc-creation, Rimage offers a solution that will work for your business – delivering worry-free optical media publishing that takes the stress out of disc creation.