Rimage Announces a New Generation in their Producer Series Product Line: Producer V

Rimage Announces a New Generation in their Producer Series Product Line – Producer™ V

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December 11, 2017 Rimage Corporation of Minneapolis Minnesota announced the latest product in the Producer Series Publishing Systems.

A global leader in optical media publishing, Rimage’s Producer V series is the most powerful line of disc publishing, engineered for 24x7 performance. It includes:

  • Industrial grade robotics
  • Direct-to-disc printing                                                                             
  • Professional recording technologies
  • The new Everest Encore thermal retransfer or Prism III printer
  • Industrial grade robotic components throughout the entire system
  • Filtered positive airflow for optimal performance in all conditions
  • Four quick-release front-swappable recorders and front-facing hard drive bays for improved usability
  • 400-disc carousel and external bin that supports four different simultaneous media types
  • Lockable door, digital status display, lighter frame, sleek design
  • Rimage Software Suite 9.4 for the latest features in automating all aspects of disc publishing
  • Choice of Producer V 8300N, which contains an embedded PC, and Producer V 8300, which requires an external PC


Everest Encore, the latest in Rimage’s color printing technology provides permanent vibrant color with thermal retransfer printing and convenient removable retransfer and print ribbon carriages.

The Prism III thermal transfer printer utilizes either a monochrome black, blue, red or 3-Panel CMY Spot Color ribbon. The speed per print is just seconds when printing monochrome. It also has a feature called “Perfect Print” so that you can use pre-printed discs with a printing specification and customize each with the monochrome ribbon.  For more details on the Rimage Printers, Click here to view the Data Sheet



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