Rimage Case Studes: Uses of a Rimage System in the Medical Market

Uses of a Rimage System in the Medical Market

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Have you ever noticed now when you go to a Dr’s appointment, they are making notes on a computer or tablet instead of writing it all in your paper chart?


Have you seen how the physician can just digitally send prescriptions to your pharmacy with a few clicks of the mouse?


If you have ever needed to see a specialist, within the same network as your provider, have you noticed they have access to all of your previous test results so that no time is wasted digging for information?

This is because the US Medicare and Medicaid organizations implemented a EMR (Electronic Medical Records) and EHR (Electronic Health Records) program. In addition, medical facilities needed to take part in this policy between the years 2011 and 2015 and if they did so, they received a monetary incentive. If this EMR system was not put in place by then, the medical organization would forfeit the incentive and in turn have to pay a nominal amount of money in fines beginning in 2015.

This change over had to happen fast and accurately, and with the help of Rimage Corporation, many hospitals and medical facilities were successful with the changeover from paper to digital.Rimage Corporation has played a very large role in the medical records market. Here are some examples:

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Medical Solutions: Rimage Simplifies Release of Information (ROI):

Major Healthcare Center

Memorial Hermann

Shannon Medical:

Automates Electronic Health Records (EHR) to CD

MI Clinic:

Depending on Rimage MDS to Publish and Import Images

Medical Solutions:

Medical Imaging Center Depends on Rimage for Medical Image Distribution