Order Archive Manager™ from Rimage®

New with Rimage Software Suite 9.1, the Order Archive Manager provides the organization and retrieval of information regarding discs that you produce. Whether you want to track usage by department for billing purposes, review an audit trail of who has recorded what files, or simply search and retrieve archived data, Order Archive Manager provides new tools to make your life easier!


Starting with the basics, metadata about the orders that have been produced (i.e., the discs you have created) is kept in the Order Archive database. This metadata includes information about the client that submitted the job, file names of recorded data, date recorded, and custom user-defined fields. For example, you might want to record the description of the disc you’re producing, and where this disc is stored. Let’s backup our project work as “Project Mercury Data Files” and record that we’ve stored discs on shelf 8, box 3. To make it a little more interesting, let’s say that this is a spanned set of six discs, that hold all the content.


This metadata does not include the actual contents of the disc. All metadata is stored on the Rimage system or in a database specified by the user – though no information is sent to Rimage.


The Rimage Order Archive Manager™ is a powerful tool used to search the order archive database. Searches can be performed with basic queries or by using the tool to build advanced queries for specific information. Combine search terms with AND, OR, NOT, or parentheses to group, as needed. Your queries can be saved for later use, and results can be exported to Excel.


It’s fairly easy to find what disc a file was recorded to, and where it has been stored. To find a photo that you used for Project Mercury, just run a simple query: “backup AND mercury AND photo”. You’ll see it’s on the disc called Project Mercury Data Files, and is actually on disc 1 of 6.  Now, you can just head over to shelf 8, open box 3, and quickly find the disc you need.


To make your life even easier, the Order Archive Manager client is a one-click installation, similar to the QuickDisc™ client, and it can be installed on a remote or local computer.