The Benefits of Using Recordable Media Instead of the Cloud?

The benefits of using recordable media instead of the Cloud


Why would you choose to save or back up your data to a cloud instead of a Disc or Drive? Do you like the simplicity of accessing it everywhere? Do you think it’s cheaper?

Yes, it’s convenient, but if you are uploading large volume, it certainly can be costly.

When you back up to an in-house storage device such as a hard drive, CD-R, DVD-R, Flash Drive etc… you purchase it once. However, when you use a cloud service chances are you will have to pay for a subscription that never ends, so you are always paying.

When you back up to your recordable drive or disc, you have more control over who can see your content.

USA Today on their February 21, 2015 special article by Marc Saltzman breaks it down for us the benefits of backing up data to a hard drive:

1. It's offline

Cloud services are only available online, therefore if you don't have an Internet connection (or if it goes down), you wouldn’t be able to access your data. This isn't the case with an external disc or drive. The Cloud service require a lot of faith in the fact that you'll have an "always on" connection, anywhere and anytime -- even during air travel.

2. Lots of storage

Rather than only getting a few gigabytes of free storage, per account, external hard drives are often measured in terabytes (TB) – more than 1,000 gigabytes. If you're a digital junkie that downloads and stores lots of music, movies, TV shows and photos, you'll need more capacity than what free cloud storage solutions offer.

3. Think about it, Is your data safe?

While cloud storage protects your data from local threats, it doesn't mean you're home free. It's not impossible for someone to guess your password to gain entry. And it doesn't mean your data can't be hacked either. Plus, how well do you trust the company you're giving your data to? Do you know where your data is being physically stored?

4. Easy backup

While a couple of cloud services offer an auto-backup feature, some hard drives have software that can perform scheduled or one-click backup of all your important files.

Contact Data Direct to discuss more on how using a tangible disc or drive to back up your data is most likely safer than using a cloud service.