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Merge functionality takes disc labels to the next level




One of the main differences between duplication and publication of optical media is the personalization factor of each unique disc. With a Rimage system, publishing optical media isn’t just for the data recorded to the disc, it also applies to the label itself.

Color Optimization with Your Rimage System


Whether you use a Rimage Everest printer or a Rimage inkjet system, there is a rich variety of color that your printer can create. Though, if you have ever tried to match a very specific color or have gotten a surprising result when trying to print a certain label, you may wonder what you steps you should take to get the desired finished product.

Rimage System Networking



Most people work with the Rimage system through the use of a keyboard and mouse connected directly to an embedded Rimage system, or to the computer that is connected to a non-embedded Rimage system. However, there is another way

Rimage System Security



Everyday, it seems as if there’s reports about a new virus, computer break-in, or data theft making headlines. Rimage systems require a computer running Windows to operate, and are designed to take advantage of being networked.

Mixed Environments with Rimage®



When one system simply isn’t enough, adding additional Rimage systems to a production environment is a great way to increase capacity and flexibility. While it’s always ideal to add systems of the same model type and software version, this isn’t always possible.

Order Archive Manager™ from Rimage®



Whether you want to track usage by department for billing purposes, review an audit trail of who has recorded what files, or simply search and retrieve archived data, Order Archive Manager provides new tools to make your life easier!

Read In Content from Discs with Rimage®


What if you created a backup of important data from a hard drive, then later had the dreaded hard drive failure? You probably wouldn’t want to manually copy data from each disc onto the replacement hard drive individually. Instead, you can use Rimage Bulk Read to automate the process, and extract the actual files and folders from the disc instead of a disc image.

Keep Your Data Secure with Rimage Encryption Options



Often, it seems as if you can’t read a news article or view a news report without learning about another security breach resulting in consumer data being stolen. Now, more than ever, protecting data is vital to businesses and consumers. Did you know your Rimage system has several different options to encrypt the content that is being recorded?

With Rimage®, Disc Spanning is Possible.



You may know that your Rimage Disc Publishing System can create and duplicate CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray™ optical media. However, did you know that you can also span discs?

Feel Secure with the Tab-Keeping System Watch for Your Rimage System




With the release of Rimage Software Suite 9.0, Rimage has introduced System Watch™, a new tool that allows the Rimage system to actively alert you. This ensures that you have immediate access to the Rimage system status, without having to periodically open one of the management tools.

Media Quality Matters - Not all media is created equal



Media is made with different recordable dyes, in different manufacturing facilities, and with different specifications. This results in media with changing levels of quality, which is important to understand when trying to navigate options available on the current market.

How a Rimage System has been helping with the Financial Industry



Banks and financial institutions around the world rely on a Rimage system to manage large amounts of secure data easily and efficiently. Whether distributing financial data to your business customers, submitting records to meet compliance regulations, or saving important data for long-term retention, Rimage disc publishing systems will handle it all easily.

Rimage Case Studies, How a Rimage System Assists in the Judicial System



The San Bernardino California Sheriff’s Department High-Tech Crime Detail has supported law enforcement agencies throughout San Bernardino County (Calif.) by providing computer forensic services. Any electronic device or storage medium containing data, audio, or video associated with a criminal case is sent to the Department’s lab for forensic examination

Rimage Everest I, II & III Ribbons to be Discontinued




Rimage has announced that they’ll be discontinuing production of their Everest Printer Ribbon used in the I, II and III Series printers as of September 1, 2018.  Rimage’s typical practice is to provide consumables support for a minimum of five years after purchase

Rimage Thermal CD/DVD/BD Disc Printers



Rimage Corporation, the global leader in on-demand digital publishing, has been manufacturing thermal optical media disc printers since 1995. It all started out with the Perfect Image Monochrome thermal printer, a silk screen quality printer that used a black thermal print ribbon.