Using Perennity and Rimage to streamline patient image retrieval and dissemination

Using Perennity and Rimage to streamline patient image retrieval and dissemination

When your workflow needs rapid access to Perennity DICOM images and efficient export to digital media, Rimage is the perfect solution.  While the Perennity DICOM image system can provide multiple providers access to patient imaging files, it remains necessary to export images to CD/DVD/Blu-Ray – a solution easily managed by the powerful Rimage production robots.


Perennity DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine)


Perennity DICOM systems easily export sets of images to the Rimage disc burning robots, allowing the creation of personalized and encrypted digital media that can easily be transported with the patient’s medical record, shared with the patient at discharge, and integrated with any EMR system.


Images received from other providers that were created with Rimage systems can also be quickly read by Perennity and integrated with the EMR allowing providers rapid access to vital records.  Such integrations eliminate the need for unnecessary imaging procedures by patients, and access to DICOM images across the hospital system, searchable by patient name, etc.


Rimage Disc Publishers


Rimage automates DICOM image exportation from Perennity, eliminating the need for manual disc creation and on-demand requests.  This makes it more efficient for patients to receive their encrypted medical records upon discharge and easy sharing of DICOM images between providers.




Hospital systems using Perennity DICOM with Rimage report a more seamless workflow, better patient satisfaction, and more in-time collaboration across hospital departments.  This integration improves communication of imaged medical data making it easier for multiple staff and departments to evaluate patient medical information quickly and on-demand and automates exporting medical imaging data for records requests.


By relying on the DICOM standard using Perennity with Rimage creates a comprehensive system that fully addresses all medical imaging needs – storage and archiving, transfer, exporting to digital media, and rapid search and retrieval, and image encrypting, all within a system that is fully compatible with leading EMR systems.


When your organization needs powerful DICOM image processing and storage coupled with automated and personalized digital media creation, Perennity and RImage is the ideal solution, regardless of your preferred EMR platform or organizational size. 


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