Rimage Everest Encore Autoprinter

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From the industry’s fastest and most economical thermal retransfer print quality to the most durable, high-resolution printed surface, Rimage Everest® Encore AutoPrinter disc printing systems meet the daily demands of continuous, high-capacity digital publishing.

The Rimage Everest Encore thermal retransfer printer technology permanently fuses full-color artwork and text to the disc for the most durable discs and highest thermal print resolution in the industry.

Each printer is also available as an AutoPrinter model to deliver professional-looking printed disc labels, under robotic control, when discs only need to be labeled. Three 100-disc input bins enable efficient production of jobs from 1 to 300 discs without user intervention.

Autoprinter models are particularly effective when using duplication towers to make discs, with volunteer or inexpensive labor to insert discs into an autoprinter for professional high-quality printing. Markets such as religion and education, as well as service bureaus and publishing/print shops, select Rimage Autoprinters to professionally finish their discs.


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