Trigger Cases - BLUE; sold in cases of 200

Trigger Case blue
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SKU: AC-DDI-7003
Minimum Quantity: 1




Trigger Ejector Case

Trigger CD/DVD Cases

The trigger case is a fun and innovative way to package and protect your promotional disc. The disc is held suspended and always at your fingertips. CDs slip in quickly and come out easily with the unique trigger switch. The blue trigger cases are instock, a variety of trigger colors with clear cases are available for special order. They offer clear archiving and thin, space-saving convenience. trigger CD cases are made of durable polypropylene that resists cracking. The internationally patented product features an award-winning design. It's so unique it's sure to be a hit with your customers.

  • Perfect protection through "suspension"
  • High level of physical protection for maximum data security
  • Easy to use
  • Space-saving and clear archiving
  • Unbreakable material
  • 100% recyclable

 Contact us for other color options 800-870-DATA (3282)