Copywriter CD/DVD Tower Copier by Microboards

$449.00 - $799.00

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The CopyWriter series of tower duplicators feature 3, 5, 7 or 10 CD/DVD recorders with an intuitive,  menu-driven two line display and a 5-button control interface. Great for the novice but still provides advanced features for the professional like verification mode and adjustable recorder speed. Burn discs, lots of discs, with the Microboards CopyWriter duplicator towers!

Don't let the production of high-quality CDs or DVDs in large volumes become a tedious chore.  Whether it's one disc at a time, or hundreds per run, turn to the industry standard for performance and reliability, the Microboards CopyWriter CD/DVD tower duplicator.  Insert your master in the top drive, place blank discs in the remaining drives, and let it burn!

Get your jobs done fast.  All CopyWriter systems feature 48X CD-R / 22X DVD-R/+R recorders.  Systems come configured with combo CD/DVD recorders.  The intuitive premium 8-button panel and multi-line display make copying discs a simple procedure for the novice user, while keeping all the high-end, power-user features in tact, like disc verification mode and adjustable recording speeds.

Since the very beginning, Microboards has strived for excellence.  Being the original producers of the tower duplicators, Microboards Technology understands the importance of reliable technologies that deliver what you want, when you want.

CopyWriter Tower Series - CD/DVD
Part No.
1-to-3 Duplicator
1-to-5 Duplicator
1-to-7 Duplicator
1-to-10 Duplicator
DVD PRM-1016
Burn Speed
DVD 22X, CD 48X (selectable recording speed)
Supported Formats
DVD-Video, DVD-ROM, DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW, DVD-DL, and all CD formats
Standalone, USB 2.0 to one recorder
100~240 VAC 50/60 Hz
10 C ~ 40 C
20% ~ 80%




Microboards MicroCare Warranty
MicroCare from Microboards offers the added insurance for your Microboards product in the event of a hardware failure. should a problem arise, we want you to take comfort in knowing you can have a new unit up and running in 48 hours.  By purchasing a Microcare Rapid Replacement contract, you are guaranteed superb service, and in the event of a return-to-factory repair, we will cross-ship you a new or like-new replacement unit so that you will be up and running within 48 hours, saving you time and preventing loss of profit.


Microboards Extended Warranty
Beyond the initial two year limited warranty Microboards offers an additional 1 and 2 year extended warranty giving you up to three years of protection. If problems arise, send your unit back to Microboards for repair and Microboards will cover the cost to repair your system (including recorders) and the return shipping. One year or two year extended warranties are available within 30 days from original purchase of Microboards products. 


2 Year Limited Warranty
All CopyWriter products feature a two year limited warranty for service preformed at depot.