Rimage Everest 600 Auto Printer

SKU: EQ-RIM-4000471
Rimage Part #: 4000471




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Everest 600 AutoPrinter from Rimage (Thermal Retransfer Technology)

    * Photo-realistic print quality
    * 600 dpi resolution
    * Smudge/scratch proof!
    * Input/Output capacity of 300 discs
    * No set up or clean up time and cost

Say goodbye to the old silk-screen method ... Everest 600 printing technology ushers in a new era of affordable, off-set quality CD/DVD printing, producing photo-realistic labels that have the rugged durability of thermal. With Everest 600, CD-R/DVD-R labeling has taken a quantum leap into the future. Photo-Realistic Images using Rimage's patented Everest IIT printing technology-a ground breaking thermal-retransfer system that redefines the industry standard. Unmatched Durability delivering dependable, lights-out production, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Everest 600 delivers images that  blows away traditional screen printing (90 LPI), and eclipses magazine print standards (150 LPI), delivering unequaled CD printing quality.